Why Tribal Resource?

pic-whyAs the second generation of Native American casino enterprise leaders rise to positions of prominence in various roles, the need for a smart and strategic plan for that critical path is evident. Still a very young industry, Indian Gaming is in the unique position of vesting resources and responsibilities in the human capital that is their own people. But this amazing opportunity comes with many caveats, not the least of which is the undeniably difficult task of identifying talent, nurturing it, and seeing the fruits of that labor come to harvest.

And that’s where our consultancy can help make a difference.

We believe our hard-earned experience in Indian Country and the way we approach our relationship with the Tribes and their leadership is key. From the beginning, we have perceived, understood, and embraced the need for “planting seeds” of knowledge and relating real-world experiences to our Native American clients. 

After all, you can give a man a fish and he will eat that day, but teach a man to fish…

  • “I believe the top priority in our business is building a great brand. Ben Gordon knows how to help get that done with outstanding results.”

    − Roy Corby

    , General Manager, Jena Choctaw Pines Casino, Louisiana

What We Do


A powerful way to engage Tribal members and employees, improve performance, and build loyalty. Begin building a solid foundation for success by teaching important values and sharing expertise and experience while helping individuals navigate away from costly mistakes.  A mentor provides more than professional advice and support; a mentor provides the fertile soil that will yield the harvest for generations to come.

Executive Coaching

Leadership communication. It’s a vital tool in the day-to-day managing of executive resources, from both your tribal and casino leadership teams. Make sure they are on top of their game in clearly communicating their guidance, details and perspective. Our experienced group of advisers will help develop writing, speaking, and presentation skills that will give your team the upper hand. Whether it’s crisis management, media and press relations, or simply helping to grow confidence in their ability to communicate, your team will appreciate and benefit from working with ours.

Brand Strategy & Marketing Communication

Our years of experience in helping Tribes and their hospitality enterprises – casinos hotels, and resorts – puts us in a unique position to help guide and enrich your marketing abilities and results.  We’ll work with your brand stakeholders and creators to create a singular signature that no other Tribe or Casino can duplicate. In a world and an industry filled with “me too” copycats, your brand will stand out as a shining star.


Your Move…

Thanks for taking the time to read and learn a little bit about us. We look forward to speaking with you…

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About Ben Gordon

pic-benBen has forged an innovative and diverse career in the advertising, communications and entertainment industries. Ben’s guiding creative and strategic teaching philosophy is to “teach those who can learn.” Opening doors to ways of thinking requires a thirsty mind, which is not always the same as a disciplined one. In other words…communication success is nurtured…not just bequeathed by nature.

Although, a little natural talent never hurt anyone…

Ben’s ability to identify and articulate these key concepts to his fellow mentors and students is also integral to his approach. Current Native American tribal and casino clients include Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona,  Little River Casino Resort on the shores of Lake Michigan and The Elwha Band of Washington Indians.

Ben has served as senior management leader in the development of multi-level marketing campaigns for such clients as McDonald’s, The PGA TOUR, Alice Cooper, Cox Communications, PBS, and Miller Beer among many others.

Previously, Ben served as Managing Director for R&R Partners /Arizona, Creative Director for Mullen Advertising and as Associate Creative Director for E.B. Lane Advertising in Phoenix.